How do we operate?

We invite you to join the The Woods United Methodist Church in worship as we seek to bring together the gifts of scripture, tradition, and a true passion for worship to empower and enrich our lives and our journeys. Worship services at The Woods are a key element in the expression of our vision and mission as a community of faith. We are all on individual journeys, seeking to understand the meaning and purpose of our lives. In the faith community, we meet to share those journeys with each other so that we can learn from our differing experiences. The worship services offered at The Woods vary in style. We welcome you to find a service that is the right fit for you.


8:30 a.m. worship – The Woods worship service at 8:30 a.m. is in a formal, traditional style. We gather and center for worship with a piano prelude, and begin worship with an opening prayer followed by congregational hymn singing. We recall God’s promises with responsive readings and Scripture. Staff members serve as readers and liturgists. The sermon is preached from the pulpit and the choir sings a prepared selection weekly. Infant and toddler care is available for the children of families attending the service.


9:45 a.m. Adult Bible Study and Children’s Sunday School – These classes are designed to increase each individual’s understanding of our faith and to increase the sense of community among our members. There are five adult groups from which to choose. Children’s Sunday School is divided by grade levels.


11:00 a.m. worship – Our 11 a.m. worship is a family-friendly, less formal service which incorporates media and a wide variety of music led by the ensemble Bluegrace.” Scripture, prayers and announcements are shared among staff members and the sermon is preached from a more casual perspective. Children are invited to come forward for “Kids Time” when a story or short activity reinforces the Scripture or theme. 


In addition to our Sunday services, we offer many ways to connect to each other and to our broader community. We have women’s and men’s groups, and an active group for teen-agers, with numerous activities. We also offer Bible studies for all levels of interest.