Why The Woods’ Youth??? – The Woods’ Youth ministry is dedicated to the enrichment and fulfillment of our youth through the building of community, teaching of scripture and the love of Christ. Our Youth group has wide range of Youth from 6th graders to Seniors in High School. We work to build community with this wide variety through weekly and special events. These events range from Weekly Sunday Night Youth Fellowships to Movie Nights and trips away from the church.


Jr. and Sr. High Youth – While we do have a wide range of ages and grades, The Woods’ Youth Ministry does its best to allow of time spent with youth of their same age range. For instance, during our Sunday Night Youth Fellowship we eat together, have joint activities and then split the Jr. and Sr. High for Small groups. We understand that young people of different ages and grades are dealing with different issues, so we make time to talk about these issue. Along with our Sunday Night Programs we are in the process of starting up a Sr. High Starbuck Bible Study as well as Wednesday Night “Hang Time” for the Jr. High Youth.


For More Information about our Youth Events click the “Youth Fellowship” link of the left sidebar.


Opportunities To Serve Our Youth Ministry…

Support the Youth - We are in need of volunteers to provide snack suppers for the UMYF meetings on Sunday evenings. We ask that you provide food for 15-20 teenagers. Please sign up at the bulletin board by the coke machine.


Volunteers Needed – The youth are looking for adult volunteers. If you are interested in teaching Sunday school, driving us to events, becoming a mentor, attending our mission trip or just hanging out with us at UMYF, please contact Joseph Bradley at: